Author: Wei      Tool: MIT AppInventor

platform: Android

APP:New Chemists

 IOS Music Game: Euphoria

Count Game? Music Game?Or Running Game?All are true!!

Euphoria, explores three different modes and different styles of music with fast hand-eye-ear coordination to give Users best and extraordinary experience. 

-Number Modes
Euphoria incorporates Number and Music in
to one. When we are Brain-Storming, we also experience rhythmic and euphonious
music. Number balls falls from the high attitude. In order to get the goal number, Users' ball must collide the number ball to get the goal. With varies rhythm and speed, we found our brains are not enough to play! ! !

-Music Modes(Pass)
Music balls fall from the high attitude. Users use their balls to collide with music balls, while they have to evade the color balls different from music balls. We incorporate music rhythm with ball rhythm, create tense and rhythmic User experience. Every pass has distinct color and subject. Every music reflect different moods and thoughts.

Chaos Mode
Balls with random speed, acceleration, and direction fall from high attitude. You never know when to and how to evade them. Technically, you can not evade them. Let's see some miracles !

New APP Chemists is a chemical experiment app for Android. Students can conduct chemical experiment on it and can operate in the main screen of mobile phone. The entire screen is the place of chemical reaction. Let two molecules floating on the screen, which brings us is very flexible, comfortable feeling.

The New Chemists APP is very simple and clear. We use the shape of the graph to represent a variety of materials. For example, we symbolize gas molecules as round shape, solid molecules expressed as hexagon, and liquid molecules as drop shape. Users not only can see the former state of reagent and color reaction, but also can see the color of the products after reactions.

Under the environment of this experiment, students can simply choose chemical reagents, and then click "Start". Then, two types of chemical reagent molecules or atoms will collide together, and finally produce new substances floating in the screen. After reaction, you only need to click the "Clear" to remove the generated matter, then a new chemical reactions.

At the same time, we also add the chemical equation in the bottom of the screen. Users can further understand the nature of the reaction conditions and needs.

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