figure 1.3

figure 1.2

figure 1.4


Number mode

The number above the ball the player holds is the current sum; the number in the upper left corner of the screen is the goal sum. Players should ensure that the numbers on the shapes they collide and the current sum total the goal sum in order to continue. (see the figure 1.1)

③ Chaos mode

Players should avoid colliding with any shapes falling down. (see figure 1.4)

figure 1.1

Guidance to application "Euphoria"

② Music mode

Players should collide balls in color the same as that of the ball they hold in order to connect the notes (represented by the same-color balls) into a smooth melody.

With five stages in total, there are four keys in stage 1-4 to open the next stage. To successfully open the next stage, players should meet both the requirement of both collecting the key in the former stage and passing the former stage without colliding the erroneous balls. (see figures 1.2 and 1.3)