turn on the flash light.

Notification Extensions Version 2.0/通知组件V2.0

Wallpaper extensions.

PhoneCaller Extension/拨打电话组件

Send a email to others.

Flash Light Extensions闪光灯组件

Created by Wei Qiang:

String Encryption/Decryption Extensions/字符串加密组件

Wallpaper Extension/墙纸设置组件

Notification version2.

Support android 6.0.

User can set their own picture of the image by their own.

User can encrypt Strings with password and decrypt it with password.

Send Notification to the screen bar or float on the screen. Not support android 6.0

MailSender Extension/邮件发送组件

return x,y of certain motion,including circular motion,accerlerating motion,3d circular motion.

Motions Trail Extensions运动坐标组件

Run 3d Model Motion on Canvas.

Notification Extensions Version 1.0/通知组件V1.0

Make a phone call.

Three Dimensional Coordinates Motion/简单三维运动组件